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In full swing

The Jungle Water Project is underway. I was fortunate enough to find South India’s endemic Malabar Gray Hornbill feeding in the forest while I was filming at SAI Sanctuary. A beautiful, sizable bird.




The bigger the better. It is amazing to see the protection of old growth trees here at SAI and to discover the many creatures that need them to survive – The Hornbills for example, which are important for seed dispersal in the forest, only nest in very large trunks. From water retention to carbon sequestration, these old giants are great all around. Here is an audio clip to tell you more.

old growth

Keep it Native. Much of the region has transitioned from native to a fast growing, easily harvested, and profitable tree, Silver Oak. It, and a few others, now dominate the coffee plantation landscape. I recently caught the felling of an old growth Rosewood tree, an illegal action in India. Stay tuned for the release of a video capturing the experience.


A project wouldn’t be exciting without bumps in the road. I had a bad crash while filming aerial shots with my Quadcopter + GoPro last week. It ended in a broken camera so here I am, back in the city of Bangalore working on getting a replacement. Once that’s in, I hope to return to the forest later this week. In the meantime here are a few shots from basecamp.

Jeep in jungle



I am always up for comments, questions, and discussion. Feel free to email me at indialesh@gmail.com. I look forward to keeping you posted as the project continues to unfold.

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